It is about the ingredients we use when we prepare the food. A whole philosophy of creativity, under “no compromise” principle: We have the utmost respect for the ingredients, as ingredients are the DNA of the food and the very essence of the experience. Our ingredients do respect 5 principles:
1. To know their source, to actually know the faces of the people who cultivated them, or to cultivate them ourselves. We grow our ingredients here, in our garden at Singureni Manor and what we cannot harvest by hand, we source from trustworthy farmers around.
2. To choose savage ingredients, as rough and unsophisticated as they are, the seasonal herbs that spring together with the spring, or the various mushrooms of the forest talk directly and simply about the richness of the earth.
3. To respect seasonality and cook mostly with what the earth offers in each season – this is a great joy for a chef and a way to respect the rhythms of nature.
4. To alter as little as possible the nature of the ingredients, to intervene minimally in taste and texture, to avoid damaging the delicate balance of flavors. Overcooking and flavor enhancers are pure sacrilege.
5. To preserve natural colors of the food, to create aesthetic plating with no exaggeration, no false colors, no un-necessary show. A philosophy of creative simplicity and natural…sophistication.