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For an optimal and safe browsing, we invite you to read this document, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy [hyperlink], which are supplemented accordingly.

The provisions of this document are binding for any visitor by the very fact of voluntarily/involuntarily accessing and browsing this website.

The website is only available for natural or legal persons who can conclude valid contracts in accordance with the Romanian legislation. In an unlimited way, the website and the services provided by the website are not available for people under 18 years of age.


The right of ownership and control. Contact.


The website https://www.lahambar.com/ (hereinafter referred to as the ”website”), as well as any items of content/design/distinctive included/corelated therein are owned, under the right of exclusive use, operated and provided by the company POIANA CAILOR S.R.L, of Romanian nationality, with the registered office in Bucharest, district 6, 333 Calea Giulesti, Building C14, basement, Room 13, having the registration no. with the Trade Register J40/1605/2021, the Tax Identification Number 43649991 (hereinafter referred to as the “company”). Except for the SUPERBEXPERIENCE platform (hereinafter referred to as the ”platform”), which is owned by Superb ApS, a company established and operating according to the Danish law, registered under no. 39478021, with the registered office in 10 Højbro Plads, DK-1200 Copenhagen, e-mail: support@superbexperience.com. The data collected via the SUPERBEXPERIENCE platform shall be processed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Superb ApS [https://lahambar.superbexperience.com/terms] as well as with the Privacy and Cookies Policy of Superb ApS [https://lahambar.superbexperience.com/privacy-policy].

The company constantly makes efforts to inform you correctly and completely and to meet your expectations as best as possible. 

For any suggestion, complaint, feedback or suggestion regarding the operation of this webpage/the content items displayed on/via it, the company will be at your disposal at the e-mail address: contact@lahambar.com. The answer will be sent in no more than 10 business days, by the same way as the communication was received.




Visitor – the person accessing the website voluntarily/involuntarily by direct access or reference from external/related sources.

Accepted visitor – the visitor expressly accepting the provisions of this document, by ticking the consent pop-up window (express consent) or the visitor who, although not expressly accepted, browses the website in compliance with the conditions outlined herein (implied consent).

Restricted visitor – a visitor committing to an act of non-compliant use of the website and whose ability to access/browse the website is restricted/limited.

Non-compliant use – any act of accessing/navigating/intervening on the website, contrary to the provisions of this document.

Content – any item included for viewing on the website/to which access is ensured through the website, regardless of the form of presentation (text, audio, video, software, computer data or combined).

Design items – any distinctive items of the visual and sound construction of the website.

Distinctive items – brands, logos, stylised presentations, drawings, models, emblems, and so on.

Superbexperience – the platform integrated into the website, owned by Superb ApS, through which online reservation (the “Reservation Services”)/access to the waiting list (the “Waitlist Services”)/purchase of gift card services (the “Gift Cards”) is ensured.


The content and purpose of the website



The website is a tool:

  • for presenting the La Hambar Restaurant, located on the Singureni Manor premises;
  • for fulfilling the legal obligations of transparency and information of the company towards the visitors of the website and its customers;
  • for communicating between the company and its customers/prospective customers;
  • for mediating the provision of services through the possibility of online reservations at the La Hambar Restaurant/for acceding the waiting list/for purchasing gift cards;
  • for mediation and facilitating the recruitment and collaboration processes;
  • for building a community with shared values/aspirations/desires in terms of gastronomy.


The company’s liability regarding the content and how the website works


The images and descriptions regarding the Singureni Manor premises/the La Hambar Restaurant/the surroundings/services/facilities/events are strictly for illustration purposes. The company does not undertake liability for the permanent and/or instant updating of the changes that have occurred over time. The company does not guarantee in any way, explicitly or implicitly, the reality, timeliness and completeness of the data and information on the website. Any inconsistencies or errors that may appear between the content of the website and the real information do not imply any responsibility, of any kind, for the company.

Such images and descriptions do not guarantee a permanent availability and/or ready delivery by the company and cannot change/add to the services/conditions of quantity, quality and specific delivery time, undertaken by the company through the individually launched offers and/or the signed contracts with the beneficiaries of these services. Correlatively, their lack of availability or accuracy do not give the right to compensation/refund of price/do not change the conditions for canceling/modifying a reservation, the conditions for concluding/terminating a contract, respectively.

At the same time, no content item contained on this website can be interpreted by the beneficiary of the services contrary to and in the sense of exonerating from compliance with the specific rules for the use of the contracted services and facilities.

The company does not undertake the obligation to supply the products and services provided for on the website exclusively via its own means, being able to call on external collaborators in this regard, without your consent.

The visitors are instructed that prior to adopting a decision regarding the purchase of services and/or products/launching a reservation request/launching a waiting list access request/launching a gift card order/cancelling or changing a reservation/waiting list, to contact the company, via the means of communication displayed on the website, for information on the services and/or products available at a given time, their quantitative and qualitative characteristics, basic prices, any additional taxable services and/or products, guarantees, penalties, sanctions, internal rules and any other relevant information.

The damages of any nature, direct or indirect, caused to visitors through unauthorised interventions of any kind on the website fall under the direct and exclusive liability of their author. The company shall not be liable in this regard, but when the law requires so, it will take all reasonable measures to prevent/limit the unauthorized intervention and its consequences.

The company shall not be liable for direct/indirect damages suffered by visitors through the downtime/improper functioning/delay in the execution of orders given through the functions and/or platforms available on the website; computer viruses; display errors; for the impossibility of accessing the website/platforms included on the website at a given time due to technical problems, etc.


Obligations and prohibitions. The visitors’ liability


Any visitor must comply exactly and completely with the provisions contained herein, under the penalty of restricting/limiting access to the website and full remedy of direct and/or indirect damages caused to the company or third parties.

No visitor can invoke the failure to recognize/not undertake the Terms and Conditions for accessing the website and/or the Superb Experience platform or the fact that a limitation/prohibition/instruction has not been expressly mentioned, if they implicitly arise from the set of Terms and Conditions/from the need to comply with the express provisions or are relevant to online browsing, in general.

Visitors do not have the right to takeover, transmit, transfer, broadcast, publish, reproduce, create a secondary work from it, to sell, license, rent, lease or transfer any part of the contents of this website, neither to third parties/nor to the public, regardless of the intended purpose (commercial or non-commercial), without the prior written consent of the company.

Are allowed only downloads/distributions with keeping or indicating the source, made for the purpose of recommendation/promotion/presentation, in a manner that does not harm the legitimate rights and obligations of the company.

Any type of information published on the website upon the visitor’s initiative, regardless of their form or content, shall fall under his/her direct and exclusive liability, excluding the company’s liability. The company reserves the right to remove this information.

The publication of/any kind of associations between this website/the company’s products and services/the distinctive elements on the website and:

  • websites/activities having illegal content, contrary to good morals and public order or websites promoting websites with such content;
  • web domains of any kind that could directly or indirectly affect the image of the company;
  • web domains that would create confusion regarding the supplier of the products/services or regarding the brands used by the company,

is strictly prohibited.

The right of disposition and control. The right to identify unauthorised visitors and to restrict and limit access. The right to compensate damages.


The company reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete parts of these Terms at any time, without any notice and, to the extent not otherwise provided, these changes shall become effective immediately. The fact that you will continue to use the website after making the changes shall mean that you accept said changes.

The company reserves the right to amend/complete/delete in whole or in part/suspend or interrupt for a definite or indefinite period the general access to the content of the website/to the platforms inserted on the website. Such interventions can be made with no prior/subsequent obligation to notify the visitors and without the latter being able to claim direct or indirect compensation deriving from such interventions.

The company reserves the right to use cumulatively or separately all technical-IT measures and all legal means at its disposal (civil, criminal and other) to prevent/limit/obtain the prohibition regarding the violation of its legitimate rights and interests, for the recovery of direct or indirect damages caused to it by violating the provisions herein.

This right includes the option to restrict/limit access, without prior or subsequent notice and without compensation, as well as the possibility to computerise the intervention in the opposite direction, to identify the author/those involved.

The company reserves the right to restrict/limit access including if it detects a behaviour that cannot be justified by normal and reasonable access to the website, even if it does not constitute an express conditions of use in accordance with this document, or if the method of access hinders/affects in any way and to any extent, even involuntarily, the optimal operation of the website (suspicious behaviour/damaging to the website).

The company’s rights and the visitors’ liability under the conditions of the previous paragraph also extend to the legitimate rights and interests of the representatives, employees, shareholders, collaborators, customers, suppliers of products and services to it, the data subjects whose data are processed by the company, injured in any way through acts of non-compliant use. Consequently, without being directly liable for the facts and without any obligation, the company can act to defend including their legitimate rights and interests.


Conditions for reservation/access to the waiting list/purchase of gift card – on the SUPERBEXPERIENCE platform. Conditions for reservation guarantee. Conditions for changing/canceling the reservation.


Via this website, the company provides an online platform – SUPERB EXPERIENCE, through which visitors can make reservations (the “Reservation Services”)/can access the waiting list (the “Waitlist Services”), can purchase gift cards (the “Gift Cards”) at La Hambar Restaurant within the limits and conditions stipulated by both the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website owned by Poiana Cailor S.R.L., as well as the Terms and Conditions of the Platform of Superb ApS [https://lahambar.superbexperience.com/terms], completed with the Privacy and Cookies Policy of Superb ApS [https://lahambar.superbexperience.com/privacy-policy].

The online reservation (the “Reservation Services”)/the access to the waiting list (the “Waitlist Services”) is done by accessing “Reserve your table” -) „Book a Table”/”Join the Waiting List for Chef’s Table” and following the related steps, on a cascading basis.

The data requested from visitors in order to benefit from the services provided via the SUPERB EXPERIENCE platform (e.g. bank card data) are available to Superb ApS, their processing being done in accordance with the Privacy and Cookies Policy of Superb ApS [https://lahambar.superbexperience.com/privacy-policy].

By making a reservation via the SUPERB EXPERIENCE platform, the visitors enter into a contractual relationship (which is legally binding) with the company. The customer accepts and agrees with the rules for canceling the reservation/for changing the reservation/no-show on the date of reservation, as well as any additional terms and conditions that may apply to the reservation/throughout the experience at La Hambar Restaurant, including for the services performed and/or products offered by the company. Thus, we ask you to carefully check the details of the services/products offered, including their related prices, before making the reservation. Please note that you may be charged in case of cancellation/change/no-show in accordance with the cancellation, change and no-show policy of the La Hambar Restaurant, set out below.

In order to use the online reservation services (the “Reservation Services”) at the La Hambar Restaurant, you must enter the data of a valid debit/credit card to guarantee the reservation. The amount of RON 250 x the number of persons for whom the reservation was made will be pre-authorized at the time of reservation; the transaction will be completed only if the customer does not arrive on the day of the reservation (no show) or if he/she cancels/modifies the reservation less than 7 days before the reservation (late cancellation/late modification).

If the reservation is canceled/modified up to 7 days before the reservation date, no fee/penalty will be charged (late cancellation/late modification) or in case of a no-show (no show), the amount of RON 250 shall be charged x the number of missing persons, regardless of the value of the menu(s) reserved, a situation in which the company reserves the right, without prior notification, to collect the blocked amount on the reservation date.

The further increase in the number of chairs shall be subject to a new reservation order.


External links


This website contains links and interconnections with third-party websites and web apps (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, www.danubiusarabians.com, www.singurenimanor.com). The Terms and Conditions of Use of the websites and networks in question are not under our control or disposition. We disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy, content or availability of the information related to these websites.


Newsletter and promotional materials


Following your consent, it is possible for you to receive promotional materials, offers or questionnaires from the company. If you wish to stop receiving such promotional materials, please get in touch with us using the contact page on the website or the e-mail address contact@lahambar.com.


The applicable law. Disputes.

This document, any act of accessing and browsing, as well as the disputes related to them, are governed by Romanian law and fall under the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Romania.

Any disputes between the parties regarding the construction and performance of this document shall be settled amicably as a priority, through direct conciliation, for a period of 15 days, and those that were not settled this way shall be referred to the competent courts.

Consumers – individuals acting outside of commercial, business, craft or professional purposes – may use the alternative online dispute settlement mechanism –  SOL, made available by the European Commission, for those disputes falling within its scope.



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